Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nookie! Nookie! Nookie!

Since Sundays are all about offering sex tips, I want to share a neat new site that launches in beta on Valentines Day. It's called Nookie Notes, and it's one of the best new ideas for couples in a committed relationship that's come about.

First off, I'm a collaborating author on the project, but I just recently joined. There, you have your full disclosure. At Nookie Notes, you'll find a whole separate Molly Synthia blog with content designed for couples. To give you an books and stories are all designed for one purpose, to get you off. (There, I said it. Call me anything you want, but you can't say I'm pretentious!) Nookie Notes is different. It's designed to help couples re-ignite their sexual sparks or just continue to fan the flames. My writing gets people off. Nookie Notes helps couples get each other off.

That's still an oversimplification, but it gives you an idea. Basically, the site is geared toward helping couples find intimacy with each other, sexual and otherwise. It's a communication driven application that allows you to take stories and ideas (the “notes”), customize them to your partner's likes, and send them away.

Have you ever bought one of those sex coupon books that seem fabulous for the first time or two and then end up disappointing and sad? No risk with Nookie Notes because they're not designed in a give and take way, but in a collaborative way that allows couples to express their intimacy in unique and exciting ways both physical and mental.

Keep your eyes open for, opening in beta on Tuesday!

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